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WOORI ATOZ GROUP is composed of talented Financial experts, Lawyers, and Accountants
Dong Ho KOH CEO of Woori Accounting
Cambodia CPA
Korea University Bachelor of Business Management
Korea University, MBA
Samil PwC (1982-1987)
KT (1988-1991)
World Bank (1991-1993)
CEO of Jinro Group (1994-2005)
Gyu Sung HAN CEO of ATOZ Consulting
Korea University Bachelor of Business Management
Samsung logistics administrative department
KOTRA Consultant
Korea International School in Singapore Auditor
Kyung Cheon LEE Lawyer
U.S.A Lawyer / MBA
Seoul National University, Bachelor of Law
Seoul National University, Master of Law
JW Law Firm, foreign lawyer (2003-2010)
APEX Law Firm, Head of Vietnam / Cambodia
branch (2011-2016)
Junghee KIM Branch head of Myanmar
Chief of MBRI
KOCHAM Consultant
Ewha Womans University, Bachelor of Business Management
Ewha Womans University, Master of Business Management
POSCO Management Institute researcher
Office head of DR & AJU, Singapore
PHT Law Group
Myanmar Sunchang Company
Jaeho JUNG Branch head of Hong Kong
Daeil Foreign Language High School
Korea University, Bachelor of Economics
HSBC Bank, Seoul Branch (2000-2002)
UBS Securities Pte Ltd, Seoul Branch (2002-2013)
UBS AG Singapore (2013-2019)
Jung Keon KIM Branch head of Singapore
Gyeonggi Science High School for the Gifted
KAIST, Bachelor of Industrial Management
KPMG Korea (2007-2013)
Samsung Electronics, Southeast Asia Regional Headquarter (2013-2019)
Hyunsoo KIM Branch head of Vietnam
ROTC (1996-2002)
CJ Cheiljedang (2002-2016)
CJ Hanoi, Branch head
Eunhee KWON Branch head of Cambodia
Chung-Ang University, Bachelor of Japanese language and literature
Ewha Womans University, Master of Business Management
KOLON International Corp. (1994-2000)
Ministry of Tourism in Cambodia (2003-2006)
Wooyun (Cambodia) (2006-2011)
Shimano (Cambodia) (2011-2013)
Kyoungwon PARK Branch head of Thailand
Korea University, Bachelor of Business Administration
Lotte distribution industry headquarter
Hyoungeun CHAE AICPA
Yonsei University, Bachelor of Business Administration
Samsung Corning Precision Materials (2005-2011)
SK E&C (2012-2014)
University of Kentucky, Master of Accounting
EY US (US Tax) (2015-2018)
EY Hong Kong (US Tax) (2019)
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Bachelor of Chinese Language and literature
EY Korea (Audit and Tax) (2009-2012)
Deloitte Korea (Valuation Service) (2012-2015)
Samsung SDS Asia Pacific SG (2015-2017)
UBS AG Singapore (2017-2019)
UBS Hong Kong (2019-2020)
Gwiwook KIM ACCA
University of Portsmouth, Bachelor of Accountancy & Financial Management
Amway Asia Pacific (2018-2019)
IBM Malaysia (2019-2020)
Kenji Kamkimoto CPA
Bachelor of Accounting in CHUO University, Tokyo, JAPAN(1991)
Master of Law (International Business Transaction Law) in CHUO University, Tokyo. JAPAN (2000)
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) of JAPAN (#11756, since 1995)
Certified Tax Accountant and Tax Lawyer of JAPAN (#102200, since 2005)
Cheny Entero lawyer
Law Degree (JD), Pacific Coast University School
of Law, Long Beach California
Master of Science in Human Service, Pepper dine University, Malibu CA
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration,
College of Commerce, Cambodia
Certificate in Real Estate and insurance, School of Real Estate and insurance Training, Santa Ana, California
Company Securetary
Jung-Hee Min ㅣ Shing-Yan Li ㅣ Yoo-Jeong Ahn
Meach Kiv ㅣ Nget Thyda ㅣ OUM ㅣ PONGSIT ㅣ WIPATA
Tax & Accouting
Morn Chantou ㅣ NEEPANYA ㅣ Nget Sarou ㅣ Pen Sopheak ㅣ Riel Sovannary ㅣ SALLANYA
Seng Sreyny ㅣ Sor Sophea ㅣ TANYA ㅣ Tet Sreyaun ㅣ WEECHALAN ㅣ WENGA ㅣ Yet Chanoun ㅣ YING

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