We would like to introduce WOORIATOZ GROUP.
Dong Ho KOH (CEO of Woori Accounting)
Gyu Sung HAN (CEO of ATOZ Consulting)
Dear Customers,
We would like to announce that WOORI Accounting and ATOZ Consulting are united under the name of WOORI ATOZ GROUP.
In 2007, Woori Accounting began with Cambodia-based corporation and has expanded service territories to Thailand and Myanmar.

In 2011, ATOZ consulting took the first step in Hong Kong and, ATOZ has broadened its service regions to Singapore and Vietnam forwarder. Now we are on the threshold of our 1,000th customer.

For the last 10 years, we have been providing realistic consultation services in response to various customer’s demands with the basis of sufficient knowledge and experiences regarding local situations in each nation.

The major problem that customers faces is generally from their reckless challenges for overseas business establishment without having sufficient advice and preparation, which obviously contributes unexpected difficulties in further business procedures frequently. To solve the causation of main problem, and following obstacles thoroughly, we determined to provide safe and optimal services with adopted integrated management system in our 6 worldwide branches.

We, WOORI ATOZ GROUP promise to offer the highest service quality and the best solutions for you with our differentiated members, consisted of bankers, lawyers, CPAs, and staffs, have built consulting careers for considerable time.

To maintain the proudest name, WOORI ATOZ GROUP, the most reliable business partner to you, today all our members are making effort hard.

Warmest Regards,

Two Harbourfront, Unit 201, 2/F, 22 Tak Fung Street, Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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